2Share is almost available on the market

You want to share photos? With anyone, anywhere in the world, who owns a smartphone, tablet or a Smart TV? Then look no further because you've found what you were looking for.
2Share makes it incredibly easy to share pictures will all your friends and family. Simply sign in, select the pictures to share, select the people you want to show it to and off you go. It doesn't matter if they're in the same room or at the other end of the world. No more logging in to dozens of websites or different apps to upload them to websites, no more wasting your time and no more worries about your privacy.

Share your world with the people close to you, instantly.

The application works cross platform and will be soon available for Android, iOS and Smart TV. It has never been this simple.

Watch your favourite TV programs on any device

Imagine overview. Imagine freedom. Watching TV has never been this great. See what's on your favourite channels at a glance. No need to change channels anymore until you come across something good. Use your iPad, iPhone or Android device as an interactive TV Guide or as your actual television so you can roam around without missing your favourite shows. No more hoping your set-top box will record your shows properly during your absence. You can watch it, live from any place, anywhere. Still in the living room? Just tap the program you want to see and send it to any TV in your house to watch it on the big screen, alone or with family. No expensive hardware required, not another box that requires another input on your TV. No long waits between channel switching. Only your tablet or phone, a smart TV and an internet connection.
Welcome to a mobile 2morrow.